Our Co-Founder and CEO, Rick Beato, posted a video to his personal Facebook friends which was essentially a candid excerpt of a video we were working on to further explain the benefits of high information music education for babies and what happened next was amazing. When Rick posted this video of Dylan, he had no idea that it would garner over 1 million views and tens of thousands of shares in less than 24 hours, completely shocking all of us here at Nuryl. We are still in the Beta testing phase and to see such a huge response from the masses is very humbling.


Within 24 hours, Rick’s inbox was flooded by journalists and scientific community leads, not to mention thousands of Facebook friend requests. One of the first on the forefront of sharing to the larger internet community was Buzzfeed, that can be seen in here: This Kid’s Demonstration Of Perfect Pitch Will Blow You Away. Though we’d like to believe that C augmented over D flat augmented polychord sounds like a beautiful combination of chords that pulls at emotions and conjures up thoughts of a dramatic opera scene, and not a train horn mixed with garbage, we truly appreciate Buzzfeed for sharing our trending video.

In this video, Dylan is demonstrating his ability of perfect pitch. Perfect pitch or absolute pitch is the ability to identify or re-create musical notes and/or chords by ear without the benefit of a reference tone. In this example, Dylan is naming individual notes, then combinations of two notes, two note intervals, then more complex polychords (which are two or more chords one played on top of the other). Perfect pitch is extremely rare. 1 in 10,000 people have have this ability, but of them, few if any are able to do what Dylan is doing in this video.

Perfect pitch is just one of the possible benefits among the many other cognitive benefits with the Nuryl baby brain training app. Rick has received may messages asking about the ear training system used with his son Dylan. The baby brain training app being offered by Nuryl is the same curriculum Dylan has been exposed to since he was 5 months prenatal.

For more information about this brain training, please visit our Join Us page. If you know someone with a newborn to 2 year old child or expecting, let them know about this new ground breaking app.