We are happy and proud to announce that our developers have added their finishing touches and today we are officially launching our worldwide. We are very excited to bring Nuryl to market while we continue to develop even more valuable tools designed to take advantage of these important years of development. We will be redefining some of our processes as well as the look and feel within our app to continue make our user experience is inviting and memorable.

To our thousands of beta users who guided our development efforts by providing us with valuable feedback along the way, we thank you from the bottom of our hearts. We believe that Nuryl will change the world and enhance the way that babies learn and retain valuable information that they can then carry with them for the rest of their lives. We are overjoyed to share in this experience with you.

You can now download the Nuryl app from the Apple App Store or from the Google Play Store.

How Does Nuryl Work?
Nuryl delivers daily music lessons tailored to the baby’s age. For babies still in the womb, music is delivered through belly earphones. For newborns and children up to 2 years of age, parents play Nuryl through the listening device of their choice while interacting with their baby. The app is updated monthly with new lessons and allows parents to track their baby’s progress.


How is Nuryl Designed to Work?
Babies are born with nearly 100 billion neurons primed and ready to learn. In the first year of life, the brain explodes with neuronal activity as thousands of new connections are rapidly formed (over 700 new connections per minute!), laying the foundation for experience-based learning, called plasticity. During this time the brain is rich in grey matter, making rapid learning possible. Grey matter increases in volume by 147 percent in just the first year of life alone and peaks around three years of age, only to steadily decline over time. Neural connections that are stimulated thrive while under-stimulated connections are lost. Scientists have dubbed this “use it or lose it” and it is a core component of the Nuryl philosophy.

During this window of heightened brain plasticity, High Information Music™ delivered through the Nuryl app is designed to increase attention span, enhance memory formation, promote language development, and dramatically increase a child’s ability to process information. Research has shown that early music training correlates to advanced language skills with significant enhancements in pitch perception, reading skills, verbal working memory, and pattern recognition. Although music is the catalyst, Nuryl aims to bring other benefits, including enhanced attention span, improved memory, stronger reasoning powers, and a greater predisposition to learn languages.