The Best Way to Play Music to Baby in the Womb

If you’re new to Nuryl, you might not know that babies make more brain connections in the first 1,000 days after they’re born than during the rest of their lifespan. You also may not know that you can start stimulating your baby’s brain in utero – they can hear starting at 20 weeks prenatal. Utilizing [...]

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Happy Pi Day from your friends at Nuryl

The number π is a mathematical constant, the ratio of a circle's circumference to its diameter, commonly approximated as 3.14159... To celebrate National Pi Day (3.14), watch some of the first Nuryl kids recite Pi to over 200 digits. Layla (4), Lennon (7), and The World's Greatest Ear Dylan (now 9) were all exposed to [...]

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Facebook Post of the First Nuryl Baby Goes Viral

Most of our users know 9 year old, Dylan Beato, from his past videos where he demonstrated his abilities of perfect pitch. Just the other day, our CEO and creator of Nuryl, Rick Beato posted a video of Dylan notating extremely complex chords on a whiteboard, by ear. This incredible video is capturing the attention [...]

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Nuryl iPhone 7 Update Coming Soon

We wanted to let all of our users know that our iPhone 7 update is coming soon. If you have recently updated to iOS 10 or have upgraded to iPhone 7, you may have noticed a couple bugs that are occurring with our player screen. Our developers are aware of the issues and working hard [...]

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Nuryl is Finally Here!

We are happy and proud to announce that our developers have added their finishing touches and today we are officially launching our worldwide. We are very excited to bring Nuryl to market while we continue to develop even more valuable tools designed to take advantage of these important years of development. We will be redefining [...]

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Dylan’s 30+ Million Views

The video of Nuryl's very first user, Dylan Beato, with our Co-Founder Rick Beato doing some advanced ear training has now garnered over 30 million views. The video showcases just one of Dylan's abilities among the many seen in the introduction video on our front page. [column-half-1] Dylan couldn't believe that some people thought the [...]

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Perfect Pitch: Dylan Featured on Buzzfeed

Our Co-Founder and CEO, Rick Beato, posted a video to his personal Facebook friends which was essentially a candid excerpt of a video we were working on to further explain the benefits of high information music education for babies and what happened next was amazing. When Rick posted this video of Dylan, he had no [...]

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