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Changing the Way the World Thinks About Early Infant Education, One Baby at a Time.

Since we started Nuryl 15 months ago, we noticed that Xander’s development really seemed to take off. At 18 months old now, he loves dancing to the playlists, mimicking our finger snapping and clapping after his favorite songs. Every now & then he’ll even sing us a little original melody. Can’t wait to see what the future holds!
Eric Stinnett
“We were pretty dedicated in doing this every day. Don’t get me wrong, we missed days. But what was pretty remarkable was that within days of being born, we began playing the Nuryl program again for NoraKate, and you could SEE that she recognized the music. To look at a newborn baby, and see recognition on their face as they turn towards the sound of the music is an amazing thing.”
Andy & Becca Lehman
LOGAN LOVES Nuryl. He has grown unprecedented cognitive skills. His adaptation to learning is quick and to the point. Im so PROUD we discovered YOU GUYS.
Michelle Maharaj

Give Your Baby the Gift that Lasts a Lifetime.

Learn why thousands of expecting mothers and new parents in over 100 different countries are excited about using Nuryl with their baby. Watch our short video to see how our co-founder, Rick Beato, pioneered this new program with his son, Dylan, starting at 5 months prenatal. Take advantage of this short window of time today.

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What is Nuryl?

Nuryl is a science and education-based company that uses High Information Music™, delivered through a mobile app subscription service, to stimulate your baby’s brain and boost cognition. Nuryl integrates principles of infant learning identified from decades of research in cognitive development into a music training curriculum. High Information Music is tonally rich with highly complex melodic and harmonic structures that move rapidly into unexpected places. Thus, our curriculum was designed to utilize elements of surprise to enhance learning while simultaneously engaging multiple brain regions to enrich neural circuitry. All this wrapped up in an easy-to-use app.


How Does Nuryl work?

We use a highly complex form of music, we call High Information Music™, to jumpstart your baby’s brain development. The Nuryl catalog features one-of-a-kind musical pieces specifically designed with this task in mind. At Nuryl, we integrate these musical pieces into daily lessons using the exact same method that our Co-Founder Rick Beato used with his son Dylan starting at 5 months prenatal. The results with Dylan and following children have been astounding.


What is High Information Music?

High Information Music™ is a unique type of complex, unpredictable, and highly melodic music designed to simultaneously activate multiple regions of your baby’s brain during a critical learning period, from the fifth month of pregnancy to your baby’s second birthday. During this time, your baby’s brain is rapidly growing, nerve cells are reaching out and making billions of new connections (over 700 new connections per second in the first year alone!); connections that are stimulated will stick around while under-stimulated connections are lost, never to be formed again. And it is all based on experience. Consider the complex process of language and fluency. Your baby comes into this world open and ready to learn the sounds of any language. But within only 6 to 8 months they begin to focus solely on the sounds of their native language, laying a foundation of neural networks, establishing fluency. Their brains know it. Just like language, becoming musically fluent takes repetition, internalization, decoding and recall to learn. High Information Music™ uses thousands of combinations of complex intervals, harmonies and motifs to truly teach a baby native fluency. The concept of our music immersion curriculum is to stimulate and strengthen these same neural connections associated with other cognitive abilities and possibly supercharge your baby’s early brain development. Although music is the catalyst, we have witnessed the benefits in enhanced attention span, improved memory, stronger reasoning, and a greater predisposition to learn languages.