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Since we started Nuryl 15 months ago, we noticed that Xander’s development really seemed to take off. At 18 months old now, he loves dancing to the playlists, mimicking our finger snapping and clapping after his favorite songs. Every now & then he’ll even sing us a little original melody. Can’t wait to see what the future holds!
Eric Stinnett
“We were pretty dedicated in doing this every day. Don’t get me wrong, we missed days. But what was pretty remarkable was that within days of being born, we began playing the Nuryl program again for NoraKate, and you could SEE that she recognized the music. To look at a newborn baby, and see recognition on their face as they turn towards the sound of the music is an amazing thing.”
Andy & Becca Lehman
My husband Scottie and I were introduced to Nuryl when Logan was exactly 2 months old.Logan is no stranger to classical music as I played lots of Mozart for him in the womb from about 5 months. Upon learning of Nuryl we became very much delighted that such a curriculum existed because we wanted to continue cognitive development in our child now that he is out of the womb but did not have the ideal structure in doing so. Logan adapted quickly to Nuryl’s curriculum, he fell in love with Bach and Beethoven in particular. He has developed remarkably since his induction into the curriculum. He rolls, he tries very hard to speak, his first words were dada and daddy, picks up his toys,recognizes his toys and their names, finds his paci and puts it in his mouth, imitate me his mom very well,very adaptive to instructions, obeys his schedule,very obedient and almost never fusses,all at 6mths old.
Nuryl we believe have impacted our son’s life tremendously. Logan listens to the curriculum presently between 250-300% daily. He loves the music and can often be recorded listening to it very distinctly.Nuryl to us have compiled a masterpiece thats zoned to create massive brain development in these babies setting the stage for a brilliant future. We have witnessed momentum and success in our baby thats simply mind blowing in the last four months. We are very enthusiastic about our son’s future and are very very grateful to have discovered Nuryl the ideal package.
Michelle & Scottie Boodram

“We were really excited to discover Nuryl as our son has a brain injury and we were looking for tools to support him…We were told he may not be able to walk and would likely have a learning disability but he is defying expectations and delighting doctors – his development is on track for his age, he runs and kicks a ball and is in the 96th percentile for auditory comprehension.” – Mitra Sessions

We’ve been listening to Nuryl religiously since my daughter was born. She is now 16 months and loves music time! She definitely has her favorites. She gets really excited and starts dancing when they come on. She likes jazz!
Although still not talking more than a handful of words, I can definitely see improvements in her memory. This girl doesn’t forget anything. If you take something away, or move it, she knows exactly where it is even an hour later. After only 30 minutes of trying to teach her parts of her face, she had them down.
She’s also very independent, more so than most toddlers her age. She wants to do things herself, and will concentrate on it until she accomplishes it on her own. If Mom or Dad tries to help, she will push us away.
I’m curious to see the benefits of Nuryl when she starts talking regularly. Being involved in music most of my life, I always wished I had perfect pitch. This was one of the things that drew me to this program. I hope that my daughter grows up with a love of music, and that Nuryl can help develop skills that will benefit her later in life.
Sarah Volzer
We were really excited to discover Nuryl as our son has a brain injury and we were looking for tools to support him. We thought anything that enhances the brain and its capacity would be a great thing to add to his routine, and Nuryl was so easy to implement. We’ve been using it since he was 9 months old. He’s now 21 months and doing remarkably well. We were told he may not be able to walk and would likely have a learning disability but he is defying expectations and delighting doctors – his development is on track for his age, he runs and kicks a ball and is in the 96th percentile for auditory comprehension.
He receives a lot of support and, while it’s impossible to know which elements are most impactful, the mix is definitely working and Nuryl is a key part of that. Even though it’s designed for use until age 2 we plan to continue using Nuryl until our son is much older – it’s a small cost and time investment for a potentially life changing benefit and I would recommend it for any child with a neurological condition.
Mitra Sessions
Our son Bowie (9 months) started Nuryl at 5 weeks old. My husband and I became interested in the app after watching a clip of Dylan on Facebook. Since we are both musicians we thought it couldn’t hurt to see if this could potentially help our son develop a great ear–or more importantly get him hooked on great music early on. We have religiously followed the 1 hour a day recommendation and even have gone above and beyond past the recommended time. Since listening to Nuryl, Bowie is interactive with the drums and the piano. He can tap his feet to the beat of a song and can now bounce and dance along to music as well. He started talking early on and could say a handful of words by 8 months old ( hello, hi, hola, night night, I love you)and loves to mimic us. He can focus for long periods of time and is very interested in flash cards and books. He now says Mama, DaDa, Ba Ba, bye bye, Eggs, and cup (gup). He waves bye bye or hi, claps his hands, and is almost standing on his own. My husband and I believe that even though Bowie has been alert since day 1, Nuryl has helped him hone in and focus on the music which in turn helps him focus on other things as well. It is a great time for us all to spend time together listening to the music and tapping or bopping to the rhythm. Any interaction with our baby is a positive thing and I love that Nuryl helps us dedicate that specific hour to sharing our passion for music together. It has an incredible selection of high information music, and some of the music you can’t find anywhere but on the Nuryl app. We have decided to share a video clip of Bowie singing the blues at 5 months in his walker. You can tell his ear is already developing and we believe that Nuryl has helped tremendously. We highly recommend Nuryl for any parent wanting to share the love of music with their baby!- Melanie and Chas Sandford
Melanie Sandford

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